Vintage ARP Odyssey Mk I 2800 Whiteface Pro Overhauled New Sliders – Excellent!

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This 1973 vintage ARP Odyssey has just been fully serviced by Synthchaser, the west coast’s leading ARP specialist – recapped, new ICs, new key bushings, all new sliders, cleaned inside & out, fully functional, calibrated, and sounding awesome!  The Odyssey was ARP’s answer to the Minimoog, a feature packed scaled down version of the legendary ARP 2600.  This Mk 1 ARP Odyssey uses the 4023 filter which sounds killer!

Excellent condition with some blemishes (as typical for a 45 year old synth) visible in the photos.   Some of the slider caps are not the original colors.  You can see and hear this synth, as well as watch the detailed restoration that took place in the following video:

  • Synthchaser Slider Kit Installed – All 34 of the sratchy old original sliders have been replaced with newly manufactured reproduction sliders.   What a difference new Synthchaser brand sliders make!
  • Synthchaser Capacitor Kit installed – All polarized capacitors in the synthesizer (including but not just limited to the power supply) have been replaced to help provide stable operation for years to come.
  • Synthchaser IC Kit installed – All of the original failure prone CMOS, Op Amp, and Voltage Regulator ICs have been replaced to improve future reliability and have been installed in IC sockets for ease of future maintenance
  • Keybed rebuilt – New key bushings installed, keybed levelled, keys removed and washed, key contacts cleaned
  • Tempcos replaced – The temperature compensating resistors for each oscillator have been replaced with newly manufactured tempcos to improve tuning stability.
  • High/Low Outputs switched – The original high output was an RCA jack and the 1/4″ phone jack was the low output.  Since this doesn’t mesh well with 2017 studios, I swapped the otuputs so the 1/4″ jack is the high output.  This can be put back easily without soldering if desired.  Otherwise, I’ve made no modifications to the synth.

Prospective buyers are welcome to come try it out before purchasing. Local pickup is welcome and encouraged.  If being shipped, the instrument will be professionally packed by the UPS store and insured for the full purchase price, but this is a vintage electronic item, so all sales will be as-is and final.  But visit the Synthchaser youtube channel and rest assured that a high quality detailed restoration was done to this synthesizer.


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