Oberheim OB-Xa 8 Voice 120 Program Analog Synthesizer Keyboard with MIDI

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The flagship of the OB series, this is an 8 voice, 120 Program Oberheim OB-Xa, with Numera MIDI adapter!  One of the most awesome, fattest sounding analog synthesizers of all time!  The synth has been serviced with:

  • Rebuilt power supply, including new capacitors, multi-turn trimmers, and beefed up bridge rectifiers
  • Rebuilt voice cards, including new capacitors and multi-turn initial frequency and pulse width trimmers
  • Full calibration – power supply, DAC, and voice cards

Overall good condition, with typical wear expected for its age (some scratches on the case and side panels, and a extra knob that was added for a memory expansion that is no longer installed).  Due to some weirdness with the Numera MIDI adapter firmware (which replaces the stock OB-Xa firmware), autotune reports some voices as failing the autotune procedure, but they sound fine.  I’ve set it so it doesn’t remove those voices from rotation.  I made a short video showing the keyboard works, is in tune and some of the work we did to this keyboard:

Prospective buyers are welcome to come try it out before purchasing. Local pickup is welcome and encouraged.  If being shipped, the instrument will be professionally packed by the UPS store and insured for the full purchase price, but this is a vintage electronic item and is being sold through us on consignment, so all sales will be as-is and final.  But check out the Synthchaser Youtube channel and rest assured that this keyboard was given a quality service job by an experienced and detail-oriented Oberheim expert!  No international shipping on this keyboard.


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