Oberheim OB-X Power Supply Capacitor & Rebuild Kit


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This kit includes replacements for all polarized capacitors on the power supply of the Oberheim OB-X.  Additionally, this kit contains upgraded replacement bridge rectifiers.

The original electrolytic capacitors have long since dried out and stopped performing as they should.  And the tantalum capacitors are ticking time bombs waiting to explode or catch fire.  This kit contains high quality electrolytic capacitors to replace these failed or failing capacitors and provide decades of stable operation.  We provide quality, name brand, long life capacitors.  Axial capacitors are provided to replace axial capacitors, radial capacitors to replace radials.  Voltage values and temperature ratings were increased above the original where they will physically fit to ensure rock solid operation and long life.

The original bridge rectifiers of the OB-X  were underrated, and run extremely hot, often above their rated temperature.  They are a common failure point on Oberheim synths.  This kit includes replacements for the original bridge rectifiers that are rated at 6 times the current capacity of the original bridge rectifiers.

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