Gligli CPU Upgrade for Sequential Circuits Prophet 600


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Easy to install, just remove the old Z80 processor from its socket and plug in the new board (installation and user instructions provided, no soldering required).

IC extractor now included to make the job even easier!

Comes with the original factory presets already pre-loaded. If you don’t want to lose your current presets, you can save them before installation and then load them again later.

The Prophet 600 ‘Gligli’ Firmware Upgrade rev. ‘Stable 2.0’ hosts the following improvements:

  1. Easy-to-install non-destructive firmware drop-in replacement of the new firmware. If you ever find yourself pining for the old sound of your Prophet 600, you can remove the Gligli upgrade and restore the Z80.
  1. Greater resolution of many of the sound parameters with an improved refresh rate that is making the instrument much more responsive. Forget those lousy stepped cutoff changes!
  1. Faster, smoother amplifier and filter envelope generators supporting four different modes:
    1. Fast Linear.
    2. Slow Linear.
    3. Fast Exponential.
    4. Slow Exponential.
  1. A new LFO function generator with a wider range from one cycle every <20 seconds> to about 60Hz with four new waveforms in addition to the original triangle and square including sine, random stepped, noise (like on the original Prophet 5, but nonperiodic) and sawtooth (ramp up).
  1. A dedicated vibrato which can be controlled by the modulation wheel, or can start progressively after a fixed amount of time.
  1. Multiple keyboard modes including last/low/high note priority.
  1. Unison detune.
  1. Mix Overdrive which now allows the output from both oscillators to drive the mix VCAs A and B harder as well as the Curtis 4 pole filter resulting in new sonic possibilities.
  1. Pitch Wheel interval selection of plus/minus one octave, a whole tone, a minor third and a fifth.
  1. Pitch Wheel reassignment to the VCF and Volume or off.

11. Modulation wheel intensity setting from Maximum to Medium to Minimum.

  1. Full Midi In control including:
    1. Amp and Filter velocity sensitivity with an external keyboard controller.
    2. Continuous Controllers (CC) of all sound parameters.
    3. Program change (PC) to choose current preset.
    4. Synchronizing the arpeggiator to MIDI clock.
  1. A new and improved tuning procedure.
  1. Octave, chromatic and free Oscillator course pitch control.
  1. Plus/Minus setting for Oscillator Fine Tune and Filter Envelope amount for Poly Mod and Filter.
  1. Assignable, Random And Up/Down Arpeggiator.
  1. Debounce feature that prevents unintended retriggering caused by the old keyboard.




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