Synthchaser #080 & 081 – ARP Odyssey Restoration & Repair

First, we restore a dead ARP Odyssey. Not the new Korg one, a real vintage, 1973 Mk 1 Model 2800 Whiteface ARP Odyssey. We change the ICs, capacitors, sliders, repair a dead oscillator and a damaged power supply. This Odyssey gets the full Synthchaser spa treatment!

Then, we use that ARP Odyssey as a test bed to fix a customer’s Odyssey oscillator board.  Customer was reporting his Oscillator 2 couldn’t be calibrated and was drifting. The trimmer should be adjusted to make a 20Hz square wave, but the lowest it would go was 40Hz. What I saw was cool enough that I had to edit it into a Synthchaser video!


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