Synthchaser #045-047 – LinnDrum Repair Video Series

In this 3 part series, I repair a poor unfortunate LinnDrum that got wet and very ill.

In the first part, I take a look at some of the problems we’re having, displays are all 0’s, many sounds don’t work and there’s weird and random noise coming from the machine.  We rebuild the power supply and clean the sliders and switches.


In this second part, we troubleshoot and repair the electronics causing several of the drum sounds not to work, and track down and repair the phantom “random noises” coming from the LinnDrum.

In the last part, we figure out why the LinnDrum always displays “00” and fix it.  Then we install some rechargeable batteries and test everything out.  LinnDrum is back to good health.  Yay!

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