Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Restoration & Repair Video Series

For my next few videos I’ll be showing the restoration & repair of a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 (revision 3).  While in pretty good cosmetic condition, except for a broken pot, the synth doesn’t work (all LEDs light up, “88” shows on the 7 segment display, and no output or response from any controls).  As I release the videos I’ll add them to this post.  Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel to be notified when new videos are added.

Part I – Introduction

We peek at the insides of a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 that we will be restoring.

Part 2 – Power Supply Rebuild

I show you how to remove, test, rebuild & calibrate the power supply of your Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 synthesizer.  We also stumble across evidence of a really good reason why you will want to do this to your Prophet 5.


Part 3 – Capacitors, Battery, Switches & Pots

We recap the remaining circuit boards of the synthesizer. I show you how to test and replace the battery, clean the switches, and clean and replace the potentiometers.

Part 4 – “Dead” CPU Repair

We troubleshoot and repair the dead Prophet which is non-responsive and stuck with all LEDs on and “88” on the display.

Part 5 – Keybed Refurbishment

We yank out the Pratt Read keybed, and I show you how to change the key bushings to get a nice quiet action to the keyboard, and we clean the buss bar and adjust the key contacts to fix dead/re-triggering keys.

Be sure to pick up my Prophet 5 capacitor kit, and a new set of key bushings!

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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Keyboard Bushing Set

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