Vintage ARP Omni 2 Keyboard Synthesizer Overhauled with LED Sliders

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This synthesizer has just been fully serviced by Synthchaser, the west coast’s leading ARP specialist – recapped, new key bushings, new LED sliders, clean, fully functional, calibrated, in tune and sounding great.  This keyboard is the sound of Joy Division and is all over The Cars’ “Moving In Stereo”, and many other late 70’s/early 80’s albums.  It produces the lush Solina/String Ensemble sounds plus has a polyphonic synthesizer section with a voltage controlled filter, LFO, and ADSR, and a dedicated bass synthesizer section.

Good condition with some blemishes visible in the photos.  Top of case was repainted (not by me) and scratches in old paint underneath visible in the texture of the paint.  Overall good condition for a 40 year old synth!

  • Synthchaser Precision LED slider upgrade.  All 15 of the old original sliders have been replaced with new, smooth, high precision LED illuminated sliders.  The difference in the way these sliders feel and perform compared to the originals is a huge improvement.
  • Power supply rebuilt – All tantalum and electrolytic capacitors in the power supply have been replaced, and high quality, high temperature 105 deg C capacitors have been used for the power supply filter capacitors.
  • All tantalum capacitors replaced – The tantalum capacitors in ARP synths are ticking time bombs.  All the tantalum capacitors in this synth have been replaced with electrolytics to help provide stable operation for years to come.
  • Synthchaser 4075 Filter Enhancement  Kit Installed – The ARP Omni uses the same 4075 filter submodule found in the Odyssey, Quadra, Avatar, and Pro DGX.  This has been recapped, and enhanced to provide superior frequency response.
  • Keyboard rebuild – New key bushings installed, keys removed and cleaned, buss bar and key contacts cleaned and adjusted
  • Oscilloscope calibration – Fully calibrated to factory spec using oscilloscope and frequency counter.

LEDs are Orange to match the Omni 2 color scheme, but there is a possibility to customize the LED slider colors, please inquire if interested.

Prospective buyers are welcome to come try it out before purchasing. Local pickup is welcome and encouraged.  If being shipped, the instrument will be professionally packed by the UPS store and insured for the full purchase price, but this is a vintage electronic item, so all sales will be as-is and final.  But visit the Synthchaser youtube channel and rest assured that a high quality detailed restoration was done to this synthesizer.  In fact, this particular synth was the subject of the Synthchaser #092 video.

If picking up locally and paying cash I will include a soft keyboard bag for the ARP Omni 2.

Shipping to the UK may be possible, inquire if interested.



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