Synthchaser Moog Minitmoog Slider Kit – 7 pieces full set


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Replace your old stiff and dirty sliders and give new life to your Moog Minitmoog synthesizer!  This kit from Synthchaser contains a full set of 7 slide potentiometers, with the same values and tapers as the original.

  • Brand new (not new old stock or refurbished)
  • Manufactured to the same specifications as the originals
  • Drop in replacement for the originals, no modifications needed to the sliders or your synth
  • Compatible with all revisions of the Moog Minitmoog
  • USA seller, fast shipping, best prices of any slider replacement kit on the market

Installation of this kit requires disassembly of your keyboard and soldering. If you’re not comfortable doing this, we offer this kit with installation services, please contact us for pricing on the installed kit.


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