Synthchaser LED Slider Upgrade for ARP Pro Soloist or Pro/DGX w/Installation


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This must-have upgrade will breathe new life into your ARP Pro Soloist or Pro/DGX synthesizer keyboard. This upgrade, which includes installation, replaces all 4 of your old sliders with new, smooth, high precision LED illuminated sliders. The difference in the way these sliders feel and perform compared to the originals is a huge improvement.

The standard LED color is orange on all sliders, but custom order sliders may be available, contact us to discuss your desired color scheme. We do not currently offer this product as a DIY kit. The above shipping quote reflects just sending us the board with the sliders – if you’re not comfortable removing this board from the synth (soldering is required), you may send the whole instrument, but return shipping will be higher (billed at actual cost). Free drop off/pickup is also an option for our local customers in Southern California.

While your Pro Soloist or Pro/DGX is getting refurbished, also consider our recap service, a new set of key bushings, or at least a power supply rebuild. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this upgrade for your ARP Pro Soloist or Pro/DGX!

Your synthesizer must be in working condition, this upgrade does not include the cost of repairing other issues. These are in stock and turn time is currently under one week.


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