Oberheim OB-Xa Voice Card Full Trimmer Kit – 120 pieces


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The original single turn trimmers on the Oberheim voice cards are nowhere near the precision they need in order to properly tune the oscillators, filter, and VCA.  Barely touching a trimmer it’s easy to overshoot the calibration, and forget about getting a precise calibration.  My Voice Card rebuild kit (available separately) includes replacement capacitors and replaces the oscillator initial frequency trimmers with multi-turn trimmers that allow for tuning so precise, autotune may not be necessary.

This kit takes that principle and extends it to all of the trimmers of the voice cards.  This will allow you to make precise calibrations for other trimmers that may prove difficult to calibrate with the single turn trimmer (initial pulse width is a tricky one, for example).  And by replacing all your trimmers you will proactively eliminate problems from worn out, damaged, or defective trimmers.  And often times I will come across OB’s that have the trimmer knobs glued in place (from the factory or someone else) that can’t even be adjusted without ruining the trimmer.

This kit includes 120 multi-turn trimmer potentiometers with the same values as the originals, enough to service 8 voice cards.  Included is a parts layout for the voice board and a checklist to make installing these easier.    This kit requires intermediate level soldering skills (the trimmers are not drop in replacements for the old single turn trimmers), and the voice cards require a full calibration after installation.  If you’re not comfortable installing this kit and calibrating your synth, please contact us about installation services.


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