Oberheim OB-Xa Power Supply Rebuild Service


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A solid power supply is the backbone of a vintage synthesizer.   We have seen many OB-Xa’s with power supply issues, and a well maintained power supply can avoid costly damage to other components in the synth. With this service, you will send us your power supply board and we will install the Synthchaser OB-Xa Power Supply Rebuild Kit, which entails:

  • All polarized capacitors replaced – The original electrolytic capacitors on the power supply have long since dried out and stopped performing as they should. We use only quality, name brand, long life capacitors that will provide decades of stable operation. Low ESR and High Ripple Current capacitors are used.
  • Bridge rectifiers replaced – We replace all 3 of the bridge rectifiers with higher rated, beefier bridge rectifiers.
  • Trimmer potentiometers replaced – We replace the two trimmer pots that allow the voltage rails to be finely calibrated. Oxidation, dirt, and dust inhibit the smooth and accurate operation of the old trimmers, and they were not very high quality to begin with.
  • All ICs replaced – We replace all the 35+ year old IC chips on the power supply board. These are not highly likely to fail, but are a potential failure point and a brand new IC has a longer lifespan than an old used one. So if you’re going to do something go all the way and do it right.

Completed power supply is tested and calibrated in one of our OB-Xa’s before being returned to you. Current turn time is approximately 2 weeks from receipt of your board. Removal and reinstallation of the power supply is easy–just a screwdriver is needed and instructions/technical support are provided.

Please note–there are some components of the power supply (high current voltage regulators and pass transistors, fuse, transformer, etc) that are not mounted on the power supply board that you will be sending in, and as such are not included as part of this service. If you need help diagnosing your OB-Xa before purchasing this service, please contact us.


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