Oberheim OB-X Synthchaser Upgraded Pot Board Cable Wire Harness


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A common failure point on the Oberheim OB series synthesizers are its unreliable connections.  And no connector in the OB series synth is more unreliable than this style of connector.  Over the last 40 years the connectors in your synth have oxidized, corroded, worn, bent, or just plain broke.

For your synthesizer restoring pleasure, I present an upgraded set of replacements cables.  The old cables use connectors that contact the header pins on the circuit board in one place.  These custom crafted cables use Trifurcon connectors, which make contact on three sides, ensuring a better connection and increasing reliability.

These cables connect the two pot boards.  You can buy just one cable to replace a bad one, or buy the  set of 4 to replace them all and make this area of your synthesizer rock solid for years to come.  Installation is super easy.

We offer replacement cables and replacement cable sets for the entire line of OB synthesizers, please check our other listings for the best quality cables without laughably high prices.

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8 Pin Connector, Set of 4 Connectors


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