Oberheim OB-8 Voice Board Ultimate Service Kit


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Voice boards that have not been serviced can result in autotune failing, and the voices not sounding right and inconsistent from voice to voice even when autotune succeeds.

The original electrolytic capacitors have long since dried out and stopped performing as they should.  This kit contains high quality electrolytic capacitors to replace these failed or failing capacitors and provide decades of stable operation.  We provide quality, name brand, long life capacitors.  Gold audio grade capacitors are provided for the signal path.  Also, metal film resistors are provided to replace several key resistors that will improve oscillator stability.

Other component values can change over time as well, so a full calibration of the voice cards is required in connection with installing this kit.  One of the challenges in calibrating and tuning the OB-8 is the cheap single turn trimmer pots used.  This kit includes replacement multiturn trimmers for all voice board trimmers, as well as multiturn trimmers for the adjustable power rails, the DAC, and the bender assembly.

This kit contains parts to service both voice boards.  This kit requires intermediate level soldering skill and the voice cards require calibration after installation.  If you’re not comfortable installing this kit and calibrating your synth, please contact us for installation services.  Below you will find a video of the basic version of this kit being installed.



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