Oberheim Matrix 1000 Revision 1.16 Firmware Upgrade EPROM


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This is an unofficial firmware upgrade for the Oberheim Matrix 1000, and is considered the “definitive” firmware version available to date.  Simply replace the socketed ROM at U804 with this one and you’re good to go.

This version includes:

  • Faster processing of parameter changes that need a modulation matrix rebuild, there’s still a small lag but it’s much better than before.
  • Unison detune, controlled by MIDI CC #94 (Celeste Level), value from 0 (no detune) to 127 (strongly out of tune). It is always active, even in poly mode. Values around 2-6 add a slow VCO-like detune that helps liven up the sound and keeps poly mode sounding in tune.
  • Bug fixes made by Nordcore.
  • MIDI NRPN parameters editing fix.


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