ARP/Solina String Ensemble Power Supply Rebuild Kit


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This kit contains replacements for the electrolytic capacitors, power resistors, and bridge rectifier for the power supply sections in the ARP/Eminent Solina String Ensemble synthesizer.  This is for the heavy model with the circuit boards that are in a big steel frame.  The kit works for revisions both with and without the modulation button.  The power supply is actually spread over 5 different PCBs in the synthesizer, not just the “Power Supply” PCB, and this kit has the components for all the voltage rails on all the PCBs.

The original electrolytic capacitors were underrated, the manufacturer exceeded the rated voltage of the capacitors, which was bad news.  In addition, these 40 year old capacitors have long since dried out and stopped performing as they should.  This kit contains high quality electrolytic capacitors to replace these failed or failing capacitors and provide decades of stable operation.

The String Ensemble uses resistor dividers instead of voltage regulators, and as such dissipates a lot of heat through its power resistors.  Compounded with these resistors being lower wattage than they should be, I often see scorched PCBs, peeling/flaking paint on the resistors, or damaged and badly out of spec resistors.  The kit includes metal oxide resistors with 2-4 times the wattage of the original resistors to replace these key resistors.

Also included is a higher rated bridge rectifier to replace the aged original.  Some key axial capacitors are replaced with radial capacitors because of their more favorable temperature and ripple current ratings.  High temperature 105°C capacitors are provided for several key capacitors and voltage values were increased above the original where they will physically fit to ensure rock solid operation and long life.


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