ARP Quadra Capacitor Replacement Kit with 2x 4075 VCF rebuild kit


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This kit contains replacements for all the nearly 150 polarized (tantalum and electrolytic) capacitors in the ARP Quadra synthesizer. If your synthesizer has not yet been recapped, is broken, or has hanging or silent notes this kit is an essential starting point in any repair. The original low quality tantalum capacitors were prone to shorting out and were easily damaged by transient voltage spikes. The original electrolytic capacitors have long since dried out and stopped performing as they should. This kit contains high quality electrolytic capacitors to replace these failed or failing capacitors and provide decades of stable operation.

We provide quality, name brand, long life capacitors. A good deal of thought has been put into this kit, and the capacitor of the best type and properties for each application have been selected (e.g. the decoupling capacitor across Vcc and Gnd on the CPU should be a MLCC, not a tantalum!) Audio grade, low ESR, high ripple current capacitors were selected in the appropriate areas. High temperature 105°C capacitors are provided for the power supply filters, and voltage values were increased above the original where they will physically fit to ensure rock solid operation and long life. The large axial capacitors in the power supply are replaced with radials–the radial capacitors currently being produced are of so much higher quality than the axials that the benefits of retrofitting a radial are very much worth it.

This kit includes all the capacitors you will need for the entire keyboard, including the power supply and the two 4075 VCF submodules with no nickel and diming! As a bonus, we also provide at no charge the necessary parts to correct a design error which limited the frequency response of the 4075 VCF to 12kHz, and the instructions to install it if you wish to do so. Users who have installed this modification have reported a very noticeable improvement in sound.

We also provide a checklist of the capacitors provided for each board, to reduce your time wasted poring over the schematics and scratching your head wondering where that last capacitor is supposed to go.   This product requires disassembly of the synthesizer and soldering skills to install. Please contact us if you require installation services.


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