ARP Pro Soloist and Pro/DGX Capacitor Replacement Kit


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This kit contains replacements for all the polarized (tantalum and electrolytic) capacitors in the ARP Prom Soloist and Pro/DGX synthesizers.

If your synthesizer has not yet been recapped or is broken this kit is an essential starting point in any repair. The original low quality tantalum capacitors were prone to shorting out and were easily damaged by transient voltage spikes when turning on and off the keyboard. The original electrolytic capacitors have long since dried out and stopped performing as they should. This kit contains high quality electrolytic capacitors to replace these failed or failing capacitors and provide decades of stable operation.

We provide quality, name brand, long life capacitors. Axial capacitors are provided to replace axial capacitors, radial capacitors to replace radials. High temperature 105°C capacitors provided for the power supply filter caps and voltage values were increased above the original where they will physically fit to ensure rock solid operation and long life.

This kit does not include capacitors for the VCF submodule, which is encased in epoxy and silicone rubber.

We provide a checklist of the capacitors provided for each board, to make the recap job go quicker. This product requires disassembly of the synthesizer and soldering skills to install. Please contact us if you require installation services.


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