ARP Omni 1 IC Replacement Kit


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This kit contains replacements for all the Logic ICs, Operational Amplifiers, and some other key ICs in the ARP Omni Mk 1 synthesizer (64 ICs total). The original CMOS chips used in these synthesizers are prone to failure. We find it a best practice to replace all these chips in this keyboard to fix issues it may be having and to prevent future issues from popping up as chips fail.

We also provide a checklist of the ICs provided for each board, to reduce your time wasted poring over the schematics and scratching your head wondering where that last chip is supposed to go.  This kit includes the op amp on the 4075 filter.

The Omni Mk 1 and Omni Mk 2 keyboards have slightly different architectures. We offer kits for both the Omni 1 and Omni 2, please be sure to order the correct one for your keyboard. This product requires disassembly of the synthesizer and soldering skills to install. Please contact us if you require installation services.


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