ARP 4075 Voltage Controlled Filter rebuild & enhancement kit


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This kit contains replacements for all the polarized capacitors in the ARP 4075 VCF Module. Also included are the parts to correct a design error which limited the frequency response of the 4075 VCF to 12kHz, and the instructions to install it. Users who have installed this modification have reported a very noticeable improvement in sound.

The 4075 VCF is used in the following ARP synthesizer keyboards:

  • ARP Axxe
  • ARP Avatar
  • ARP Odyssey (Mk III and some Mk II models)
  • ARP Omni 1
  • ARP Omni 2
  • ARP Pro DGX
  • ARP Quadra

This product requires disassembly of the synthesizer and soldering skills to install.


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