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Cold Solder Joints

I was working on an ARP Omni 2 and came across a really bad soldering job.  Someone had replaced the gating capacitors, but all of their solder joints were “cold solder joints”.  What’s a cold solder joint?  Well, first let me explain what a good solder joint is.  With a good solder joint, both the […]

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Easier Catalog Navigation

At last I finally improved the catalog navigation.  Now you can easily browse products for different synthesizers using the dropdown “Shop” menu and it’s categorized submenus.  You can also search the catalog (e.g. “slider” or “OB-Xa”).

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Now available! ARP Slider Kits

Synthchaser is happy to announce that we are stocking replacement slider kits for most ARP synthesizers!  Newly manufactured to the same specifications as the original CTS sliders, and priced more competitively than other replacement sliders on the market, a kit from Synthchaser is a no-brainer! Precision LED kits are coming soon for more synthesizers and […]

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ARP Omni 1 Restoration Video Series

Join me as I restore a broken ARP Omni 1. In this first part, we evaluate the state of this Omni 1, and I discuss a little bit about what’s under the hood and my plan of attack for restoring it. In the second part, we replace the aged tantalum capacitors in the synthesizer and […]

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ARP Omni 2 Repair Video – Shorted Tantalum Capacitors & Bad Top Octave Generator

In my latest video, I finish a recap of an ARP Omni 2 for a customer, and find some burned up parts resulting from shorted tantalum capacitors.  Getting the tantalum capacitors out of your ARP synths should be considered mandatory maintenance, and can save you from expensive, out-of-production chips getting damaged, like the top octave […]

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Synthchaser site launch

Please check back soon as we prepare the Synthchaser site for launch.  If you are in need of repair, technical assistance, or have equipment to sell, please contact us.

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