ARP Pro/DGX Analog Synthesizer Restoration Video Series

I’ve made a video series chronicling a restoration I just did on one of the ARP Pro/DGX synthesizers I have for sale.  In the first part, I show what’s wrong with this keyboard and come up with a plan of attack:


In the second part, I give a technical overview of how the ARP Pro Soloist and Pro/DGX works:

In this part, I install the Synthchaser LED slider kit:

In this part I recap the keyboard and fix some of its issues.

In this part, I rebuild the Pratt Read keyboard and install a new aftertouch sensor, and get all keys working and feeling great. No more clacking keys!

In this part, I troubleshoot and repair the remaining issues in the keyboard.  Even after replacing the aftertouch sensor, some aftertouch effects weren’t working.  And some of the voices didn’t sound right.  So I whip out my oscilloscope and get to the bottom of it.

In the last part, I give a demonstration of the finished product working nicely, and show the features and settings of the Pro/DGX as well as run through the preset voices.

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