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Synthchaser #083 – ARP Omni 2 Repair – No Output / Lights On, Nobody Home

Wrapping up the restoration of yet another dead ARP Omni 2, I hook everything up for testing & calibration, but there’s no output. Together we use some simple logic to figure out what’s wrong and fix the synthesizer!  

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Synthchaser #082 – Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Dead & Intermittent Key Repair

The Prophet 600 Panasonic keybeds often have problems with dead or intermittent key contacts. In this video I show you how to access the key contacts, and how to repair them for reliable long-term operation.  

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Cold Solder Joints

I was working on an ARP Omni 2 and came across a really bad soldering job.  Someone had replaced the gating capacitors, but all of their solder joints were “cold solder joints”.  What’s a cold solder joint?  Well, first let me explain what a good solder joint is.  With a good solder joint, both the […]

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